Founded in 2014, Flagship Visuals Co. is a video production company with roots in Virginia Beach,VA.

Our team is dedicated to achieving the vision of our clients while enjoying the adventure it takes us on. This is the part of the website where we talk about how we force hugs upon each other and do our best to one up the most uncomfortable situations at the office. We are not just “any” production company, we are a company that shout with the power, muster and might of a nation.

Our Team

Going to taco bell doesn't make you a taco just like going to film school doesn't make you a director. Our crew agrees that the school of hard knocks and experience is the best way to develop skills. We often tell people that we are all students at The University of Youtube and that class is always in session. That is who we are, constantly learning, tweaking, and trying new things that'll make our work better.

Matt Trygar

On Set: Director, DP, Camera-Op 

In Life: Professional Dad, Beard Enthusiast

Heather Trygar
General Manager

On Set: Account Manager

In Life: Professional Mom, Accident Prone

Derrick Lorah
Senior Editor, Account Manager

On Set: Director, DP, Camera-Op 

In Life: Professional Dad, Hip-Hop/Rap Expert


Austin Jones
Office Manager, Drone Pilot

On Set: Producer, Grip, Electric,

In Life: Professional Cat Dad, Tattoo Canvas

Sam Morrisett

On Set: Producer

In Life: Professional Dad, Easily Terrified